A killer’s prayer

Oh lord, forgive me.
For all he made me do.
For his love.
Another’s loss.
I knew not.
That you’d see.
The noose.
Her screams.
You sent him to my window.
I hear him.
Sharpening his knife.
Her whispers in the trees.



36 thoughts on “A killer’s prayer

    • Thanks Jo-Anne, I could tell you what happened in my mind to get the protagonist to this prayer, but instead I shall leave you hanging to allow your own conclusions! I’m pleased its an open ended, tense read. Thanks for the comment 😉


  1. The words and the photo are great together. This really makes me want to look over my shoulder. I like how these sounds are all ones that would interrupt a silence, ones that wouldn’t be heard with the normal commotion of life…creepy!


  2. These super-short lines really add to the tension. That sound of the knife being sharpened…*shivers.* I love the layers of sound you’ve portrayed–loud, soft, internal.


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