About the Glasgow Dragonfly

Hello and welcome to my life!

The primary aim of my blog is to share the notable lifestyle experiences that I encounter whilst residing in Scotland and beyond.

I love reading, writing stories, people watching & eating out, so theres lots of that kinda stuff on the blog. I’m also a regular columnist for Westender Magazine & Time Out plus a budding author to boot.

On the people watching side of things, I regularly add to my “tales of the city” series of posts.

These tales are inspired by my real life observations of the good, bad and downright ugly that I stumble upon whilst going about my daily business in Glasgow and beyond.

You, dear readers

This blog is also a place for me to engage with you guys. Whether you’re a blogger, a brand, or have just stumbled upon my site randomly, I hope to engage in some lively discussion with you on the everyday issues that really get us all thinking.

Interested in guest blogging and/or being interviewed?

I’m always interested in hearing from folks who have a unique take on life, creative writing and/or current affairs to feature as guest bloggers or interviewees.

If this sounds like you, and you have something you want to shout about, please drop me a line at: glasgowdragonfly@gmail.com

You can also follow me on twitter @glasdragonfly.

All comments, suggestions and feedback welcomed – just drop me a line!




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26 thoughts on “About the Glasgow Dragonfly

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    • Hello, thanks for following my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I’m having a great time in Glasgow so far. My experience of Glaswegians is that they’re a friendly bunch, which makes it easy to settle in quickly. Thankfully I don’t think I have had a bad experience…so far – I guess when moving from place to place, the experience is what you make of it coupled what you can make of it depending on where you are in life. Living near Glasgow University, I sometimes wonder what life would have been like were I here in my student days – plenty of food and watering holes that’s for sure! What about you?

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  2. My experience of Glaswegians is pretty much like yours, extremely friendly, passionate and wacky! Ayrshire folk are slightly/very different to the Wiggies. Are you planning on staying there long? Can I ask where is your favourite place that you have stayed? Och aye I am beginning to sound like a native, I meant lived. I moved up 7 years ago from Bath and miss Bath so much, although Glasgow has it on the friendly stakes. Blessings


    • Bath is beautiful! I was there for a flying visit from London once. I think, on balance, London. It was in my late twenties when childless and I just loved the diversity, variety and anonymity of it all available at my fingertips for any which whim. Now with child and so suspect a different but equally good experience but perhaps not the logistics! Not sure where next, probably overseas sometime next year…watch this space!


  3. hi Glasgow Dragonfly,my name is Hugh and have been working voluntary@my local community center for the past year now being involved with various aspects of the center,….teaching and youth work etc,just recently i was asked if i would like to come aboard and contribute to a new project of a community news letter which has been established,i reluctantly agreed as i thought that i may not have had enough experience,but to my surprise i was encouraged that my ideas and input was really valued…..however its the actual writing part of it that lets me down as i tend to be creatively elaborate on things,as though i am writing a formal essay and the like, the tutors for the newsletter are very experienced and work in full time positions for media related companies etc they do help on the night very well although they dont know a lot of external tutors in this aspect i face,i have ‘googled’ writing class tutorials etc,but they all seem to be more aligned to writing novels etc……….any help from yourself would be appreciated…….if your or anyone else you may know might have some knowledge/direction to a more journalistic approach for me……many thanks and kind regards
    Hugh Rooney

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    • Hi Hugh, thanks for getting in touch. If you let me know where you are based, I would be happy to try and help find a group for you either personally or by asking my twitter followers. What newsletter is it that you write for? Sounds like a fantastic opportunity!


  4. Hello. I’m the admin guy for the Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competiton. You’ve left a message on the facebook page (which I don’t administer) and sent a mail from facebook to the email address, which I do (don’t ask) querying whether we received it. No one seems to have replied on the page.
    As I’m not sure who does or should look at that page (the competition being done and dusted), perhaps you should repeat your query directly to me (if it’s still an issue) at this address, bypassing facebook altogether.
    Yours Dai Lowe


    • Hi Dai. Thanks for the message. I was enquiring about the short story workshop advertised on the FB page running Feb 2016? I made contact with Scottish Arts Club re: this via the main website contact form as stated on the post but no one has replied (hence my follow up query on FB). Don’t suppose you know anything about that do you? Very interested in the course – let me know if you have a direct email address. Mine is glasgowdragonfly@gmail.com


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